Postcolonial Hierarchies

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André Brodocz

is a full Professor for Political Theory and Vice Director of the Center for Political Practices and Orders (C2PO) at the University of Erfurt. He holds a PhD and a Habilitation from the TU Dresden. Since 2010 he is an Editor of the Zeitschrift für Politische Theorie (German Journal for Political Theory).

His research is located in political theory at the crossroads with the sociology of conflict. Following agonistic theories of the political, he focuses on the institutions (especially constitutional courts), practices, semantics and claims with which antagonisms are transformed into agonistic pluralism. Of particular interest are conflict constellations that, through migration, pandemics, climate crises or, in this context, post-colonial hierarchies, on the one hand transcend the borders of nation-state constituted democracies, while on the other hand they mutually overlap, intensify or block each other within these borders.