Postcolonial Hierarchies

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"Dialogic encounters incorporate love, humility, criticality, humour, faith and hope to transform the world"
Dr. Siddharth Tripathi speaks with the journal of E-INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS about decolonizing approaches to IR and what this means for everyday life September 2023
Decolonial Thinking
In a series of 11 episodes, Prof. Dr. Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni, Chair of Epistemologies of the Global South, University of Bayreuth, introduces viewers to the topic of decolonisation - its central concepts & challenges // SMUS Global Center of Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability // 2023
SMUS Video Series
"Die Gewalt wirkt nicht mehr so wie früher"
Wie das iranische Regime Widerständler einschüchtert – und warum westliche Sanktionen die vielleicht vielversprechendste Protestform erschweren // ZEIT Online Gespräch mit Dr. Tareq Sydiq // Von Thilo Adam // 28. Februar 2023
Autoritarismo en Democracia
Pablo Uc discute con Alke Jenss y Fabricio Rodríguez las implicaciones que surgen al relacionar estas dos categorías como parte de una sola dinámica en los procesos políticos en América Latina y Europa // CALAS, Acentos Latinoamericanos // 6 Julio 2023
Proteste im Iran: Musik verbreitet Ziele der Bewegung
Dr. Tareq Sydiq: "Wenn ich keine zentrale Führung habe, weil die landesweite Opposition ausgeschaltet ist, weil es keine freie Presse im Land gibt - dann übernimmt Musik eine diskursive Funktion. Sie verbreitet die politischen Ziele und Inhalte." // Radio NDR, 8. November 2022
Iran: Das Regime gegen das Volk
Dr. Tareq Sydiq im Gespräch mit Antonia Franz // SZ Podcast “Geschichte Daily” // Dezember 2022
The Military Coup in Niger
In July 2023, the president of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, was kidnapped by a group of soldiers. Borders were declared closed and a nationwide curfew was imposed. The election of President Bazoum was the first democratic transfer of power since independence from France in 1960. Since then, Niger has seen four military coups. The news channel France 24 has interviewed Dr. Adam Sandor, postdoc researcher at the University of Bayreuth, about the current situation and previous developments in Niger. // July 2023
TV Interview
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Members of our network discuss different topics related to peace, conflict, violence, (de)coloniality, postcolonial approaches, and political change in a diversity of media outlets, blogs, and other formats. Such contributions and interventions take place in the context of online podcasts, radio and video conversations or interviews, written pieces in online blogs or newspapers. All of these activities stimulate the dialogic exchange across different sectors of society – proactively reaching out to public audiences in and beyond academia.