Postcolonial Hierarchies

Think Lab

Conceptual questions on postcolonial perspectives in peace and conflict research are primarily dealt with and discussed in the so-called Think Lab. The aim is to open up postcolonial debates from related academic fields such as sociology, cultural studies, literature, and history, but also from relevant interdisciplinary research fields such as subaltern studies and decolonial theory for peace and conflict research. This will also involve a critical examination of the theses represented there in the light of the body of knowledge of peace and conflict research. Last but not least, concepts of postcolonial debates will be confronted with the empirical results of our research in the network. In this respect, the Think Lab is the place where the results from the research fields and projects are reflected upon conceptually and theoretically. For this purpose, the current methodological debates on post- and decolonial approaches are of central importance. The Think Lab not only involves the participating scholars and the academic staff of the network, but also, and very importantly, our visiting scholars. They bring academic and methodological research ideas beyond the Global North into the work of the Think Lab and can thus discuss their own work and that of the network members.
Juni 7, 2023
9:00 am
Center for Conflict Studies, Marburg (Online)