Postcolonial Hierarchies

Researching „hierarchies“ (7. June 2023)

Juni 7, 2023
9:00 am
Center for Conflict Studies, Marburg (Online)

Building upon the first Think Lab, the Second Virtual Think Lab, hosted by Philipps Universität Marburg, focused on an in-depth engagement with the Network´s key concept of “hierarchies”. The Virtual Think Lab examined the concept of “postcolonial hierarchies” in relation to the individual research projects of the Network´s members. based on two articles which help us further conceptualize the concept of hierarchies. Based on an input from Prof. Dr. Tobias Berger (FU Berlin), the participants discussed how the notion of “hierarchies” can be theorized and how hierarchies shape International Relations.

Following the examination of the notion of “hierarchies”, the conceptual reading of “hierarchies” was applied to the Network´s three work packages and the associated research projects, namely the work packages “Hierarchies and Violence” (3), “Hierarchies in Security Governance” (4) and “Hierarchies in Justice” (5). First in smaller groups, and then in a moderated discussion, the participants discussed how hierarchies influence the research conducted both on a theoretical and practical level and how these hierarchies might be deconstructed. The Think Lab´s sessions – one for each work package – linked theoretical ideas about postcolonial hierarchies to concrete case studies and research projects and also uncovered connections and overlaps between the different work packages and individual research projects.