Postcolonial Hierarchies
Public Lecture by Prof. Dr. Karina Bidaseca

Decolonizing the Third Space

Juli 4, 2023
7:00 pm
Universität Freiburg, KG I HS 1098 & Online

This lecture introduced the notion of the ‘Third Space,’ which Karina Bidaseca conceives of as a meeting space for artists situated in the different contexts of enunciation that are commonly thought of as the South. The lecture relies on the synecdoche as a means to claim a narrative memory for the Palestinian, Vietnamese, Afro-indigenous becomings that Karina Bidaseca recognizes as forming distinct expressions of the political subject. Building upon years of research, the lecture raises a captivating question: If the skin of recolonised, feminised bodies is written by the scripts of global fundamentalisms (religious, political, cultural, economic), in what way do the artists who produce work from the South – Grada Kilomba (Portugal), Ana Mendieta (Cuba), Sigalit Landau (Israel), Emily Jacir (Palestine) – write (and contest) according processes of occupation/colonisation/decolonisation on their bodies? How do these processes draw on a re-semanticisation of contemporary signs of feminist agency?

This lecture is part of the ALMA Lecture Series 2023, organised by the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute (ABI) in cooperation with the BMBF network „Postcolonial Hierarchies in Peace & Conflict“, the Global Studies Programme (GSP) and the Colloquium Politicum of the University of Freiburg.