Postcolonial Hierarchies

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Maria Ketzmerick

Maria’s research focuses on topics within post/decolonial security research, Central Africa (especially Cameroon) in a regional, transnational, and global context, as well as approaches of (sociological) peace and conflict research.

In doing so, she wants to contribute to an understanding of the ambivalent and complex interrelationships between locally-rooted social dynamics, transnational politics, and global change. Maria is particularly interested in the (politically- loaded and power-shaped) relationship between state and society and the associated dynamics of (in)security. In the Hierarchies network, Maria focuses empirically on the Cameroonian Anglophone conflict to provide a more nuanced understanding of situations in which (social) orders are subject to constant (re)negotiation. In the project, Maria follows the question of how these orders are embedded in historical and geographical interdependencies in a globalized context.
Before her position at the University of Bayreuth, Maria was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Marburg and a Coordinator of an MA Programme „Peace and Conflict Studies“, Center for Conflict Studies, University of Marburg.