Postcolonial Hierarchies

by Maria Ketzmerick  & Tareq Sydiq



There has long been criticism that existing knowledge production in- and outside of social sciences is too western, too racist or not global enough. Similarly there have been approaches to include “non-Western” theories and local perspectives in a meaningful way. In this intervention, we contribute a methodological dimension to such theoretical debates and examine weaves of theory such as Nahda, Négritude and Nihonjinron in a comparative way. Such comparative reading, as we suggest, can make use of dichotomies between North/South and “Western”/“non-Western” more productively for a critical re-examining of existing literature, without reproducing their hierarchies. We thus do not ask primarily who is being read, but highlight how “non-Western” theory could be read instead.

Ketzmerick, M., & Sydiq, T. (2022). Europa dezentralisieren als Strategie – Was bedeutet „nicht-westlich“ in der und für die Friedens- und Konfliktforschung?. Zeitschrift für Friedens-und Konfliktforschung, 11(2).