Postcolonial Hierarchies

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Thorsten Bonacker

is a Professor for Peace and Conflict Studies at the Center for Conflict Studies and the Faculty of Social Science and Philosophy. He holds a PhD from the University of Oldenburg, Germany, and was a guest lecturer at Universities in Innsbruck and Almaty.

His research is located at the crossroad of sociology and political science in the field of international relations. For a long time, he has been interested in theories and methods in peace and conflict as well as in critical security studies. Currently, he is working on discourses and practices of international administration in postcolonial and postwar societies and how they challenge or reproduce colonial, but also create postcolonial hierarchies. Methodologically, he is using theory-driven and comparative research designs with an emphasis on Central and Southeast Asia.
He has recently published research articles on the post-imperial politics of security (in Europe-Asia-Studies, co-authored with Philipp Lottholz), on postcolonial governmentally in the United Nations’ trusteeship system (in Internationale Political Sociology) and on the Conflict in Self-Determination of East Timor at the United Nations (in International Quarterly of Asian Studies, co-authored with Werner Distler).