Postcolonial Hierarchies

The Bodies that don’t Count: Understanding the Coloniality of Violence in our Times

In a far from perfect world full of suffering and violence, our theoretical and conceptual understandings need to be constantly reinvented, to remain both relevant and responsive to the challenges of the times. The pandemic and the last few years of unpredictability in global politics have demonstrated the inadequacies of the existing understandings of violence, […]

Genealogies of African Studies in Germany: An intersectional critique and ways forward late, there is a lot of discomfort, irritation and unease in African Studies, incidentally just when it opens itself up to the business of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE). This affective state seems to mirror the overall ethos within academia in the North Atlantic that the African American intellectual Hortense Spiller describes as being […]

Rethinking the coloniality and violence of famines in the Global South [video]

“I am interested in the methodological and conceptual (un)doing of violence, in the study of famines or hunger deaths from a postcolonial perspective” Swati Parashar About this lecture: Postcolonial scholars contend that we are still doing body counts of colonialism’s violence, hence, epistemic and discursive categories may not account for the materiality of violence and […]

Decolonizing the Third Space

This lecture introduced the notion of the ‘Third Space,’ which Karina Bidaseca conceives of as a meeting space for artists situated in the different contexts of enunciation that are commonly thought of as the South. The lecture relies on the synecdoche as a means to claim a narrative memory for the Palestinian, Vietnamese, Afro-indigenous becomings […]

Logistical hierarchies and new forms of resistance in and through the Arabian Peninsula This lecture examined how the Arabian Peninsula, with its strategic location at the intersection of global trade routes, has become a key site for the development of transport infrastructures and the consolidation of logistical hierarchies. These logistical hierarchies are not only economic, but also political and social, as they shape the movement of people […]

Colonial Heritage and Knowledge Production in Conflict

In this lecture Prof. Dr. Paul Basu reflected on the relationships between colonialism and conflict, and colonialism and the production of knowledge about conflict through the lens of two periods of conflict in the West African state of Sierra Leone. The first period concerns the so-called Hut Tax War and Mendi Uprising of 1898, which […]