Postcolonial Hierarchies

Authoritarian practices between ‘para-coloniality’and ‘cheap security’: when Chinese state capital meets neoliberal copper mining (and protests) in Las Bambas, Peru

by Fabricio Rodríguez and César Bazán Seminario   Abstract: How does Chinese state capital operate in the neoliberal setting of Peruvian mining? The article tackles this question by focusing on Las Bambas, a large mine in the Andean highlands of Apurimac. We argue that China’s quest for Peruvian copper entwines state capital with neoliberal and […]

Everyday scalar politics: navigating insecurity in the competitive city.

by Alke Jenss   Abstract: This contribution asks how urban inhabitants (trans)form their everyday practices in the face of insecurity in Neoliberal Urbanism. Based on the analysis of interviews conducted in the Southern Mexican city of Oaxaca, which has seen enormous rises in property prices, short-term rentals, and numbers of tourists, I argue that urban […]

On remembering, unlearning, and creating new stories: An interview with Priya Basil conducted by Susanne Buckley-Zistel and Teresa Koloma Beck.

by Priya Basil, Susanne Buckley-Zisten & Teresa Koloma Beck   Abstract: In this interview, Priya Basil—London-born author of fiction and essays who now lives in Berlin—reflects on colonial continuities and ruptures of Germany’s memoryscape. Taking the Humboldt Forum at the newly reconstructed Berlin Palace that houses Berlin’s ethnographic collections as a starting point, she talks […]

Decolonize! Critical reflections on peace and conflict studies

by Susanne Buckley-Zistel & Teresa Koloma Beck   Abstract: In recent years, the presence of the colonial and imperial past has become an ever more important subject of public debates in Germany. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the topic also gains in importance in peace and conflict studies, an area of research, whose […]